Carb Day

While the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500 was restarting from a red flag to finish green, I was out meticulously stripping parts from the donor truck. I’m down to cutting out some… Continue reading

Spring Interior Scavenging

This last weekend seemed like the first nice weekend since last autumn and I took advantage of it. My daughter was excited, because she was able to break out the go-kart. With the… Continue reading

Dashboard Removal & Surprise!

Here in Indiana it went from too cold, to too wet, to too busy, to too damn hot! So, I haven’t spent a lot of time at the family garage working on the… Continue reading

Begin Parts Scavenging

The weather was super nice on Saturday and with winter approaching and the cold hard limitation that the donor truck will remain outside, I decided to begin stripping everything I could from the… Continue reading

Donor Vehicle Acquired

Last weekend I got my hands on a complete (if heavily rusted) 1969 Scout 800 V8 on the cheap… which is exactly what my project is. Pretty much everything but the sheet metal… Continue reading

Tie Rod, Drag Link, & Pitman Arm Install

On Sunday, I spent about 45 minutes swapping in the new tie rod, drag link, and pitman arm on my 1969 Scout 800A. If you remember, I sourced the parts from, and… Continue reading

Hinges, Steering, & Tapping

Remember those steering components I ordered? Well, they just arrived at home according to the package tracking service. I ordered them at the beginning of October, so it’s been a long wait! I’m… Continue reading

Pitman Arm Removal

The previous owner (PO) was in the process of installing Dana 60s under my Scout 800 and had swapped out the Dana 30 in the front before he decided to sell it. Of… Continue reading

Project First Steps: Research & Planning

Experience has shown that research is key to the success of any project, no matter what kind of project that may be. It’s true no matter if you’re designing software, building bridges, restoring… Continue reading

Meet My Scout!

As a kid and teenager, I was a car person. Lake pipes, blowers, slicks, chrome, and displacement. These things attracted me to them like moths to a flame. Then I enlisted, and while… Continue reading